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Fashion Tips for Wearing Mirror Sunglasses

Fashion Tips for Wearing Mirror Sunglasses

When you want to make a fashion statement, mirrored shades are probably the perfect accessory. Every celebrity wore them because of their funky look and it appears that they are trending in 2021. There is a pair for every face type so it’s time to start looking up the shapes and colors you would want to wear. Because they are different from most models, it can be tricky to style.

Figuring Out Your Style

If you don’t want to stand out too much but have them as something that will look striking, you can use neutral outfits. Something from Kanye’s collection is mostly bright brown or similar tones. The eyewear will pop up with its color when you have these neutral clothing tones. It may seem like you didn’t put too much effort but you can look like a trendsetter with this combination.

The other way to do it is to embrace contrasting patterns and colors. When you get your favorite Chloe Sunglasses, you can create an eye-catching look by matching them with something opposite. You can find a thick frame, monochromatic and use it with a colorful sundress. For example, if you find a yellow type, you should get a purple dress.

Choosing the Best Frame

Each face has its own frame that looks better than others which isn’t something you should always consider because some models are just for everyone. When you have the knowledge, it will be much easier to make a purchase. Heart-shaped faces should go for sporty, cat-eye or square models.

It’s similar to the round oblique where they are usually matching with rectangular, cat-eye or square frames. They will give more contrast because of the angles they have. Oversized and aviator types look best with oval faces. You will always need to try different shapes in order to check if this is true for your situation.

Picking a Color

Once you find out which frame is the best and you know which brand you can afford, it is time to choose the color. It’s great that mirrored sunglasses can be found in every color even in multiple. The type you choose should depend on the occasion. So, you wouldn’t want to buy a pair for your work because they can be too much for the environment.

If you want a pair that will go with anything look for dark sleek monochromatic models. But, the reflectiveness will still make a statement so it’s better to have multiple options. They are mostly used for walks, parties or outdoor activities. Read more here.

Choose Wisely

The quality will depend on your budget but it’s a smart move to check online because you have much more options instead of going to a local store. You can find them going from $5 to $500 depending on where you look. Remember that you will need multiple pairs so you can change them from time to time. If you are going with mirrored type, you won’t be able to wear them indoors or somewhere where the reflection will impact others.